I love you/ And I need you/ I bleed you/ But I just can't feed you/ Nor believe you/ Nor keep you/

But I want to/ And I'm willing to/ Go thru/ Whatever I have to/ 

Cause of the things you do more so the things you don't/ The things you said you’d do and the things you said you won't/

But I can't escape cause I'm trapped in this deadly state/ Of dead eyes that don't see light nor a further fate/ So I pronounce our death date/

But Everytime I say I’m done you say/


I love yous get spoken in foreign dialect/ I try and recollect the last time I felt you/ It's not even pain no more/ Just arguments and slammed doors/ 

What we even trying for!!?

But I love you to my core/

Cleaning up our mess has become a daily chore/ Too much to ignore/

Why am I even trying for!!?

When I deserve so much more/ But your eyes be soft and your perfume lingers/ Sweet decay/ I pray/

Direction and clarity/

Strength and guidance/ Without you by my side it's/ Hard to imagin

So I cash in and mask in and bask in the rations/ No more passion and too much asking it's become a task then im passive In my asking now I'm fasting to let this love die in the casket/ It's tragic/ But I'm attracted/ Like a sharp ended magnet/

Don't you see the confuse??

And the issues that got me stuck to you??

Invested time and invested rhymes/ Too much at stake for me drop it on dime/

So i swallow my fears and give it one more time/

What the hell/ I guess/

One more time

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