Let me


When I look at you
It reminds me that things aren't so bad
That being sad is the division of add and the multiplication of subtract
So I choose to subtract the subtraction that divides this attraction
So I ensure that my actions and reactions always react in away that increases attraction
This ain't about macking or acting or pointing out what's lacking but building on the addition while double checking the mathematics to make sure it's multiplied right
Id love to multiply with you
Have little dismantles running round making full circles on our future
Causing a rec with tangled hair and beautiful skin
Teaching with visual examples of love at its finest
I'm sorry.... I'm ranting .....but I just find this
Been dealing with the tactless actresses who  treat love like passivist taking brothers like me and masking us beating and stashing us smoking and ashing us Facebook and hashtagging us breaking our hearts and casting us turn us into dogs temporarily now they asking us what happened to us after we feed them to our mattresses and passing them
But you
Girl you
Do what you do the way that you do your smile penetrates through and builds a trust for you
It's something ABOUT you
That's why I need something WITH you
and I'm not afraid
Ok maybe a little
But not enough to make me scarred
I just bask in the moments shared and send up flares that signal danger to the clouds we passing
Take my hand
Kiss my lips
Portion the rations to full throttle
I feel you
I desire you
The entire you
That's why I inspire to
Tire you
So you can stop running
You one hellova catch
And I am too
Just let me show you

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