God, I Need You


The best place to be is out of your mind
I have so many questions and in desperate need of direction cause striving for perfection when there’s so many imperfections within my self connections with all of my indiscretions that self correction leaves me knee deep in desperation
I’ve tried doing it on my own
Taking wild guesses at what success is --failing with my ex’s --reading situations backwards like dyslexics falling victim to my flesh it's beginning to mess with things I shouldn’t even mesh with
Sometimes I just feel lost
Cause as bad as I’ve wanted to control my situations -situations always seem to have a way of making me lost
And I’ve PAID the cost and still PAY the cost because of WHAT life cost ‘cause everything comes with a cost
Including excluding God
I had to come to a point-- where I seen there was no point --in trying to point myself in directions that was away from God's anoint
That’s why I WROTE this joint
As a self REminder and a self REfiner and to REmind myself that higher things are in the mix
So there is no point in trying to mix a quick fix with the patience of following God's lists
So This, is a love poem and a love song and a thank you sum and a welcome home because I’ve been gone fAAr too long and it just felt wrong not allowing God to make me strong and feeling alone even in the midst of my own home and that’s just wrong
Cause Something’s BEEN wrong far before this crying out and I’m cried out and done tried out many avenues of letting it all out
All the pain and aggression of things not working out
But something’s been missing, cause I found myself,
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