In The Hands Of Secrets

In The Hands Of Secrets

In The Hands Of Secrets

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It could all be so simple, but dancing smiles often draw in the lingerers.

Laughter doesn’t draw pictures of smiling faces when the ink dries and cries don’t always fill the oceans of the drowning.

Falling arms can welcome hugs and furled lips can speak a thousand truths

Love ain’t always honest when swallowed with gulps of confusion and seasons can migrate feelings casted onto fleeing wings

Hands taken into commitment and eyes dilated in fear regurgitate memorized syllables that lack the sting of passion

How long is everlasting?

How wrong when you get to asking?

How strong is this elastic?

Which song describes this passing?

Sometimes.....there’s only one beat left to sing to in the end...

A nice sweet melody of good old-fashioned....


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