The Artist

 Born and raised in Pontiac, MI Dizmantle came up and learned his trade beginning in the 80's and 90's era. Son of a jazz musician, he found early inspiration through Miles Davis, John Coltrane and the like, as well as from all of your favorite Motown era hits and artists. Hip- Hop influences from KRS-One, Nas, Tupac, JadaKiss and many others influenced more versatility in his upbringing. 


Dizmantle writes for Truth, Love and Empowerment and always
delivers an impactful and unique experience for his listeners. He is a perfectionist who always searches for the gravity of his pen through both external and internal frequencies.  


With a resume that extends from Opening up for Legendary
artists such as Talib Kweli, The Last Poets and Punany Poets, and competing and winning competitions such as Motown Museum Poetry Slam and Music Hall Jazz Cafe Slam, and many more, Dizmantle finds himself at the forefront of his era and respected amongst his peers. 


A Poet, Host, Published Author, Personality, Comedian, Fashion
Designer, Community Activist, Motivational Speaker and Dedicated Father, Dizmantle manages "a lot on his plate" with consistent professionalism and always upbeat enthusiasm.